Absence makes the heart grow fonder.


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I started this blog a couple of years back with the goal to post my favorite wines but like a new toy I forgot about writing. Somehow, I did not forget about drinking though.

Recently, I was on a 30 day cleanse. No wine. No fun. But, this was a great way to take a step back and remember why I love wine. So my first taste was a celebratory sparkling wine for a friends big bday party in San Francisco.  I brought a bottle of Schramsberg 2011 Blanc de Noir sparkling wine. Schramsberg is celebrating their 50th anniversary, congrats to them, one of my favorite places to bring clients.

Back to the wine…..while I had every intention of taking time to observe the nuances of this lovely wine, I did not write down a thing. What I most remember is the perfect blend of wine and extreme pleasure I had from the first taste. So what is a girl to do? I plan on purchasing another bottle and sitting down and taking my time to savor the experience. I hope all of you have the chance to try this wine. Until next time.